Project Design Services

We believe design is embedded in everything we do. Beyond the aesthetic of lines, shape, and color, design is the way in which things are assembled. Be it a piece of art, a set of steps, a group of plants, or an entire development project. Your project uniquely reflects your wants and needs at a location you selected.

Context By Design not only melds your vision with your place, but we also meld our project design services with your personality to provide you the involvement you desire while delivering an effective outcome. We design a process that fits you, addresses regulations, provides functionality, and brings your vision to reality.

Project Design Services & Capabilities

  • Owner Representation
  • Project Management & Coordination
  • Bid Period Involvement, Requests for Proposals, Bid Evaluation & Recommendation
  • Contractor Identification & Selection
  • Construction Observation & Documentation
  • Peer Review
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Site Review & Opinion of Appropriateness
  • Site Assessment of Existing Facilities
  • Site Plan Development
    • Conceptual & Refined for Application Submittal
  • Local, State, & Federal Permit Application Submittal
  • Zoning Compliance & Change
Project Plan Development:
  • Conceptual Planning
    • Location, Scale, Circulation, Landscape Feature Pros & Cons, Scale of Effort Opinion
  • Design Development & Construction Documents
    • Landscape Features, Improvements, Geometrics, Vehicular & Pedestrian Circulation, Grading, Drainage, Plantings, Site Features, Amenity Details, Opinion of Probable Cost
  • Wayfinding & Visual Legibility
  • Trail Alignment Identification & Development
Associative Services:
  • Value Engineering
  • Selective Vegetation Trimming & Removal
  • Property Oversight & Caretaking
  • Plant Procurement (specializing in locale-specific natives)
    • Material Selection, Approval, Transportation, & Delivery
  • Stone Procurement (specializing in locale-specific matching)
    • Material Selection, Approval, Transportation, & Delivery