Hawthorne Ridge Subdivision

Location: Planning and Permitting

Location: Hampden, Maine

Scope of Work: Steve Ribble was responsible for subdivision concept design, road design, lot layout, code compliance and permitting of 172-acre, 50-lot subdivision which includes 38.5 acres of open space.

Steve selected and led a team of professionals to the project’s successful conclusion. Phase I consisted of 14 lots, 2,600 LF roadway and open space on 57 acres. Phase II consisted of 37 lots, 5,000 LF roadway and open space on 115 acres. Open space includes upland, wetland, riverine, forest and field experiences and is interconnected by a trail system. Stormwater mitigation solutions adapted from the then recently revised regulations were modified to the site’s unique characteristics resulting in the first MDEP approved application of such devices in mid- or northern Maine.

Contact: Robert H Foster or Robert Tracy, Webber Brook, LLC & Engraving