Orono Village Green

Location: Site Plan Preparation and Development Permit Approval

Location: Town of Orono, Maine

Scope of Work: The Orono Public Library Foundation Board retained Context By Design to refine the master plan they developed together in the project’s first phase (Orono Library Community Courtyard – Master Planning) into site plan documents worthy of receiving development approval from the Orono Planning Board.

CBD detailed the master plan into 80% construction documents which received full Town approval in one meeting. CBD verified the design, quality of materials, and probable construction cost with the Library Board throughout the process to assure all members were in support of the [eventual] final plan. CBD also met with Town officials along the way to meet all potential conditions prior to the Planning Board submission so to assure the desired result as quickly as possible. Involvement included layout and geometrics, grading, detailing, materials selection, and determination of probable construction costs based upon a phased implementation.

The Site Plan was approved in November 2011. The Library Board is currently raising the anticipated $350,000 needed and hopes to begin construction by 2014.

Contact: Sarah Kenney, Library Board President Town of Orono Library, Geoff Gordon, Council Chairman Town of Orono Town Council