Wight’s Sporting Goods New Facility

Location: Landscape Design and MDOT Visual Access Permitting

Location: Hampden, Maine

Scope of Work: Landscape design and detailed landscape plans for Hampden Business Park Site Plan Approval of the new retail facility.

Steve worked closely with the Owner to create a plan that met the Town’s site plan requirements and provided a welcoming experience to customers while being mindful of the available budget for construction. The plan was designed to be installed in phases by the Owner; Phase One shown at 15 months after installation. Steve incorporated low walls into the planting beds to help define and transition the building to its site while the phases were being installed.


The project also included securing a Visual Access Improvement Permit from the Maine Department of Transportation. The permit allowed for selecting clearing of the State Route 202 right-of-way upon which the building faced. Initial project installation: September 2011.

Contact: Andy Nicholson, President / Owner