Planning Your Landscape Project

Visualizing Goals

Planning a Landscape Project

At Context By Design we take the phrase “plan your work, work your plan” seriously. A well thought out plan provides you with the flexibility to install the project on your timeframe and within your budget. A good plan also gives you the confidence of knowing what needs to be done first so you don’t have to reconstruct something because “you didn’t think of that” earlier.

Through helping clients visualize their goals in a variety of planning projects, Maine Licensed Landscape Architect Steve Ribble has learned that all good plans have one thing in common; they all consider a comprehensive list of potential impacts, if any, prior to determining a design solution. Planning provides you with the value of knowing if something will affect your project early on and allows you to avoid it or address it through design, or in the permitting process. It gives you realistic expectations for how your project will advance as well as your options to change something in order to move forward…and it saves you time and money by avoiding unanticipated changes.

View a landscape plan concept.

Making Goals Reality

Planning a Landscape Project

Another value of creating a master plan for your project is that you are able to identify what needs to be done when. By looking at the project comprehensively, you are better able to see which elements are independent and which are interdependent. In some cases this might be something straightforward like taking advantage of having an excavation contractor on site to do more than the phase you originally intended so that you can save mobilization and site disturbance costs. In other cases it might be a less obvious issue of permitting different phases together to avoid take advantage of the regulators’ familiarity with the project and avoid potential future complications of differing views.

A further value of having a well thought out master plan is that it allows you to convey your vision to prospective financial supporters with the confidence that the plan and budget will move forward as you’ve led them to believe it would. Many firms will whip up a quick concept with the intention that they will work out the details along the way. This can leave you in an uncomfortable position if you need to explain to your backers why the project is over budget or the site plan is transforming into something less than presented. Context By Design is proud to have given many clients certainty by creating master plans which are well thought out and have been constructed as intended.

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